Experience what I've done


Research Experience
  • 06/2013 - 09/2013 Research Internship
Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK My work at Microsoft Research centred around two projects involving novel uses of camera based sensors. The results of my work included physical prototypes as well as a research paper published at a top HCI conference. The paper received a best paper award given to the top 1% papers at the conference.
  • 03/2010 - 07/2010 Research Internship
HITLab Australia, Launceston, Tasmania, AU MMy work centred on exploring and classifying literature on multimodal interfaces and their use for accessibility. Among the outcomes of the internship were a published poster and a technical report. HITLab AU Profile
  • 06/2008 - 09/2008 Extreme Blue Internship
IBM, Dublin, IE I worked on the Extreme Blue Internship Project VIP3 – Visual Interface for Parallel Programming Patterns. My role in the project was largely to design and implement the visual interface of the application, which was integrated into the Eclipse IDE and to define the user interaction patterns. Extreme Blue Dublin Website
  • 06/2007 - 08/2007 Research Internship
University College Dublin, Dublin, IE During the summer I conducted research as part of the ODCSSS Summer Research Internship (<20% acceptance rate). I worked specifically on project “Programmer and Prover Memory”, which centred on formal methods for programming languages. As a part of the project I developed a JML plug-in and worked on a plug-in providing a fisheye view of source code, both for the Eclipse IDE. ODCSSS Website
Work Experience
  • 10/2014 - present UX/Front-End Artisan
  • 03/2013 - 06/2014 Web Developer
Contract work for Transition St Andrews I developed a complex web application for a time banking project organised by Transition St Andrews. The web application allows its users to search for skills and offers from other members as well as management of all of their trading activity.
  • 09/2010 - 06/2013 Tutor and Demonstrator
School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews I have tutored first year modules (CS1002 - Computer Science, CS1004 - Internet Programming) and I have demonstrated for all first and second year modules (CS1002 - Computer Science, CS1004 - Internet Programming, CS1006 - Programming Projects, CS2001 - Foundations of Computation, CS2002 - Advanced Computer Science, CS2003 - Advanced Internet Programming, CS2006 - Advanced Programming Projects)
  • 09/2010 - 12/2010 Note Taker for disabled students
Disability Services, University of St Andrews
  • 03/2010 - 07/2010 Web Designer
HITLab Australia, Launceston, Tasmania, AU I helped establish the website and many of the collaboration tools in use for the BRAID project. BRAID Website
  • 10/2009 - 03/2010 Volunteer Language Therapist
Jedličkův ústav a školy (JUS), Praha, CZ JUS is a not-for-profit organisation for physically disabled children, consisting of several schools (both primary and secondary), halfway houses and other places of assistance. My role in JUS was to assist the resident linguist, Ms. Radka Majerová, with language therapy for anarthric clients, modification of computer peripherals for better accessibility as well as the creation of other non-computer based communication and teaching tools. JUS Website
  • 09/2007 - 05/2009 Shop Assistant
Students' Union Services, Dublin, IE
  • 08/2007 - 06/2008Microsoft Student Partner Microsoft, Dublin, IE
I was the Microsoft Student Partner for UCD in the first year of the MSP program in Ireland. My role was to expand knowledge about Microsoft product on campus by organising outreach events such as programming competitions. Microsoft Student Partner Website
  • 02/2006 - 03/2009 Translator/Interpreter, Tour guide Beatrice's Translations & Tour Guiding Services, Dublin, IE
I worked as a freelance translator and interpreter for Czech, Slovak and English languages and occasionally a tour guide around Dublin.
Professional Memberships
  • 2014-present UXPA - User Experience Professionals Association
  • 2013-present ACM SIGCHI - Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction
  • 2013-present ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
  • 2010-present BCS - British Computer Society
  • 2010 - presentUniversity of St Andrews, UK
Studying towards a PhD in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Aaron Quigley and Dr. Per Ola Kristensson. Research areas: human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, proxemics- and attention-aware systems. SACHI (University of St Andrews Computer Human Interaction Research Group) Website
  • 2005 - 2009 University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland
B.A.(Hons.) Computer Science Graduated with first class honours, major subjects: Computer Science, Linguistics; average GPA above 3.68 (treshold for first class honours) in every year of studies University College Dublin Website
  • 2001 - 2005 Akademické gymnázium, škola hlavního města Prahy (Secondary Comprehensive School, City of Prague)
Leaving Certifcate passed with distinction AG Stepanska Website
Academic Service

External Activities

Chairing Roles

Program Committee

Student Volunteer

  • 2014 IUI '14, CHI '14, MobileHCI '14
  • 2013 IUI '13, CHI '13, ITS '13, UIST '13


  • 2015 PerDis '15, British HCI '15
  • 2014 TVX '14, MobileHCI '14, PerDis '14, CHI '15
  • 2013 CHI '14 (Special Recognition for one of my reviews), TEI '14, MobileHCI '13, British HCI '13
  • 2012 CHI '12, UbiComp '12, British HCI '12
  • 2011 MobileHCI '11, Context '11
  • 2010 UbiComp '10
Academic Awards and Competitions
  • 2014 Best Paper Award at DIS 2014 (top 1% of the conference papers)
  • 2014 Best Paper Award at CHI 2014 (top 1% of the conference papers)
  • 2013 SICSA Postgraduate Industry Internship Award
  • 2011 Member of a winning team in the application contest during the SICSA Summer School on Multimodal Interfaces for Tourism. We developed an ambient multimodal tour guide for St Andrews.
  • 2010 SICSA Prize PhD Studentship
  • 2008 UCD Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science) Stage 3 Scholarship (Linguistics) (1st in class)
  • 2008 UCD Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science) Stage 3 Scholarship (Computer Science) (1st in class)
  • 2007 UCD Bachelor of Arts (Computer Science) Stage 2 Scholarship (1st in class)
  • 2007 Patrick Semple Medal for Linguistics (top within subject)
  • 2007 Patrick Semple Medal for Computer Science (top within subject)
  • 2007 3rd place in the 2nd UCD CSI Programming Contest, with Kirill Ignatiev
  • 2006 3rd place in the 1st UCD CSI Programming Contest, Division A
Skill List
I have a very broad set of skills and a pride myself in learning and adapting quickly to any situation I find myself in. However, since it seems to help to have a few keywords to help break the ice, feel free to chat to me about any of the items below, which are a subset of stuff I worked with/on in the past. Alternatively, try to be a bit more challenging and talk to me about what you are interested in :)

Software/Web Design and Development

  • Languages (computing): JavaScript, Java, C/C++, (x)HTML, CSS, Python, C#, ... and more. Due to the nature of my work, most of my programming skills are language independent and therefore I am not limited by specific programming/markup languages.
  • Libraries/frameworks/IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio, OpenCV, OpenNI, Kinect SDK, Arduino (Processing), xCode, Win32/Windows API, pThreads and others. Give me and API and a place to write code and I'll find a way to use it.
  • Development styles: Iterative, Agile/Scrum, Waterfall and even good old "code and fix" if that is what is required. I also think SVN/CVS is worth mentioning here ;)


  • Content production and design software: Photoshop/GIMP, Illustrator/Inkscape, various video processing software
  • Type-setting and copy-editing: LaTeX, MS Office/OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • Languages (human): English, Czech, (passive) Slovak ... and translation and interpreting experience with all three.
  • Photography: Capture and processing of digital and film based still images from TLR medium format cameras, through SLRs to sports cameras like the GoPro.


  • Outdoors: navigation, bushcraft, first aid and other skills associated with my favourite sports - mountaineering/hill-walking, kayaking, hitch-hiking, swimming, riding motorcycles, squash...
  • Indoors: fixing and tinkering with broken/old things. Have I told you about how I refurbished a 1920's Singer sewing machine or how I got my current TV screen?
Other Activities
  • 2012, 2014 Organiser of the 2012 St Andrews Computer Science Programming Competition
  • 2011 - 2012 Volunteer with SVS: Ice skating with for adults with learning disabilities in Dundee
  • 2010 - 2012 Seminar Series Organiser for our research group SACHI
  • 2008 - 2009 New Members Officer of the UCD Shaolin Club
  • 2007 - 2008 PR Officer of the UCD Shaolin Club
  • 2007 - 2008 Treasurer of the UCD Spanish Society