Focus and Isolation

As soon as I thought I was going to have a bit more breathing space, I am back in deep focus mode because of work and deadlines. On the other hand, I need to keep myself sane, right? So, I figured I'd go on a sanity walk to test my shiny new tool - a tilt adapter for some of my manual lenses. Tilt photography is best known for its use in creating a model-like images of real life environments (kind of like fake miniatures). However, the main use is for manipulating the area in focus in general - be it depth of field or the direction of the line of focus. So whether you want to isolate your subject or extend the space in focus, tilt is your friend. Bearing in mind that it is still winter in St Andrews and I went outside pretty late, so the light was not ideal for a lot of the shots, see what came out of me playing around today. As usual, there was no digital trickery involved, the only postprocessing done was contrast adjustment and the occasional crop. :)