SUSf 2011

What a weekend! I expected a fun filled weekend, but what happened blew me away.

(Un)luckily, we had no matches to play on Friday, so we could concentrate on arriving fashionably late and getting ready for the first night out. It was like one of the jokes I heard the other day: "The Eiffel tower, an Aztec shrine and a pyramid walk into a bar..." you know how it goes. Dundee on the other hand broke their strict training regime and got completely... well, you know. To be honest it seems that it worked quite for them, judging by the results.
Saturday was spectacular with St Andrews B team getting into the quaterfinals as the only B team in the competition and getting beaten only by Dundee A and St Andrews A (both finalists of the competition), the A team finishing second and the ladies winning the tournament! And Dundee, what a result as well! A team victorious after beating Glasgow in the semis and also winning the plate finals.
Anyway, have a look, below are the videos of two of the most important matches of the tournament, both featuring a St Andrews team, of course. ;) Well done everyone (yes, even you Glasgow)! Can't wait for next year.

Open Final, St Andrews A vs Dundee AClick on me to see the video.

Ladies Final: St Andrews Ladies vs Glasgow LadiesClick on me to see the video.

All my videos on Vimeo can be found here.