Meet Midnight Dancer

For months, I have been struggling with an internal dilema. Should I be sensible, responsible and reasonable or should I follow my heart? Well, last weekend, the heart won. And let me tell you, it feels great to be whole once more. It is as if my wings were broken all this time and now I can fly again. Enough melodrama. We went for a ride yesterday, so that we start getting to know each other properly. Everything went great, although the different response of a two cylinder engine (what I am used to) and a four cylinder one (which Dancer has) is quite noticeable. Moreover, it seems that it really is a tradition I started back in the Czech Republic. With every bike I ride, on the first several rides, I always get caught by rain and get drenched - and yes, it happened again. Anyway, now I am really looking forward to the summer - Scotland, you have nowhere to hide and I am coming! ;)