It’s Raining Again…

Right... this was a long week... a conference paper deadline, although that worked out differently than I expected... way too much time spent in the lab and hence not much sleep... PayPal is being [censored], but hopefully that will get sorted out soon... On the other hand, walks around St Andrews after midnight are amazing... I have a new(ish) camera for carrying around with me and as you can see below, I'm loving it... I have reached my first 100 miles on Midnight Dancer, and we are getting along just fine... the exam period will soon be over and most people will be leaving, it is time to start planning my summer road trip around Scotland1... and I am going boating tomorrow2. So yeah, this and other happy and not so happy things have been happening recently, but I am making the best of it and having fun in the process, or trying to anyway. At least it helps me take better pictures and grow as a person :)
  1. If you know any beautiful places or want to come too, let me know!
  2. About time!