Hole in Two

It is revision and exam time here in St Andrews and although I do not have exams as such, having a conference paper deadline this week and a PhD review in a couple of weeks, I am plenty busy as well. However, as any student will tell you, it is important to take study breaks. One of mine consisted of arranging a tub of smarties to show the distribution of different colours in it and taking pictures of it with my "new" camera. The other one was much more enjoyable though (sorry stats lovers ;) ). You have probably heard that St Andrews is the home of golf. The downside is that everyone always asks me about golf... and believe it or not, I have never played golf in my life and even though I have lived in St Andrews for the last couple of months, I have not even touched a golf club here. Until yesterday. We weren't playing golf, granted, just pitch and putt, but that was quite enough for a start, I think. :) And finishing the afternoon in the castle with a barbecue, games and some improvised hairdressing was a nice touch. It definitely made the rest of the day in the lab more bearable. More study breaks for all, I say! :)