Christmas in Czech Republic

I haven't been in the Czech Republic since Christmas 2011. A whole year. However, since Christmas is the one time of the year when my whole family gets together, there is no way I could miss that. Unfortunately, on the day I arrived, I found out that the first president of the Czech Republic after it became a democratic country again died that day. Not the best start for a vacation. Thankfully, things only improved after that. Prague is well known for its culture and I was immersing myself in it as much as I could before Christmas really started. Classical music, photography exhibitions, even a special interactive exhibition intended to give people a taste of what it is like to be blind. My little brother was dancing and singing in a musical, so obviously I couldn't miss that. And then, Christmas. We spent it at the farmhouse, as usual, and it was great :) Christmas sweets, fish and potato salad, presents, games, pouring lead, everything. The only missing ingredient was snow - no white Christmas, I'm afraid. But if that's the worst thing I can think of, that kind of speaks for itself. I'm not sure I can last until next Christmas before going back again.